About the project

The film will be a mix-media animated short about the newly refurbished museum and your opinions about it. We're just getting started at the moment but I hope to make it a fun project with lots of opportunities for the public to get involved.

Come in and see what I'm up to on Sundays from the 8th of January.


Ever since making a comic at the age of seven she has been fascinated by the possibilities of animation. Developing her love of drawing through school she went on to take the BA at UWE in from 2007 - 2010 where she enjoyed developing her skills and experimenting with different media. Eventually focussing on 2D animation she made the film ‘Alice on Mayonnaise’ in her second year with Tanya Scott and Frances Southgate. Her final graduation film, ‘The Orangeman's Suit’, a day in the life of your average genetically modified human-orange; reinforced her desire to make films that make people laugh.

Since graduating she completed a (weeks) work experience at Arthur Cox and is currently working at Rockabox Media as a Junior animator. Samples of her work and illustration can be seen here: http://cargocollective.com/jessicamarcell

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